Atomic 7.62×39 Subsonic 220 Gr HPBT


Atomic 7.62×39 Subsonic 220 gr Hollow Point Boat-Tail (HPBT) 50 Bx


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Atomic 7.62×39 Subsonic is unlike traditional high powered rifle
ammunition. Unsuppressed, it is as quiet as most .22 LR and has
minimal felt recoil. These relatively innocuous-sounding
cartridges, with their low recoil and report, serve professionals
with an alternative to much louder standard power rifle cartridges
allowing faster follow up shots and better full auto accuracy with
the added safety of not penetrating level 2 and higher armor worn
by many law enforcement and military professionals. Atomic’s
Tactical Cycling Subsonic in 7.62×39 produces more energy and
power than most 9mm+P, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP cartridges and
delivers CQB accuracy from rifles with barrel twist rates of 1 in
9″ or faster.


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