HSM 411N Cowboy Action 41 Mag 210 gr (SWC) 50/Box

HSM 411N Cowboy Action 41 Mag 210 gr Semi Wadcutter (SWC) 50/Box


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Maybe you’re involved with
formal, sanctioning organizations for Cowboy Action shooting.
Maybe you just like to go out on a weekend and shoot the Guns that
“Won the West” or that your favorite TV and movie cowboy
heroes used. Either way, HSM 411N Cowboy Action 41 Mag has you covered. More calibers, more
selection in both pistol and rifle. Each round crafted with cowboy
integrity and grit. A perseverance-for-perfection cowboy spirit.
Perfect for your personal cowboy pistols and rifles. Bullet type
Semi-Wadcutter- Hard Lead.



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